Saturday, June 12, 2010

The One with Morning Fun

Happy Saturday!!

This morning started off with a hunt. You guessed it. He was up early. That tree rat. My nemesis!

"I swear I saw him come right through here!"
"Stella, did you see which way he went?!"
"He zoomed up over the hill, toward the neighbors!"
Cali: "Up here?? I don't see him!!"
Me: "There he is! In the pasture. Quick!
Distract mom so we can scoot
under the fence to go find him!"
Time for zoomies!! But before I go, I wanted to tell you that I added a new widget. I present to you: The Randomizer! This one was simple, just a link pretty much. I'm currently putting together another personalized countdown clock, which is in Flash. (Though that's a story for another day. It's a surprise!) Don't you love the sense of accomplishment that comes after playing with HTML codes? I guess I'm a little tech-y. I get that from my two-leggers. They're gadget junkies. (GEEKS!)

Anywho... if you look on my sidebar, you'll see this icon. If you're bored or my current post just isn't entertaining you, click on this and Blogger will find a random post for you to peruse! I am quite certain that the time I spent contemplating this widget will significantly outweigh it's use but it was fun. Eek... I guess I'm as geeky as they are! BOL!

Click to give it a try!
Off to find my nemesis!! Zooommmmm.....


  1. WHAT???? Your post(s) not entertaining??? NEVER!!!
    Did you find that rotten rodent??? If so... give him a good shake for me.
    Your pawents are GEEKS??? Hummmm, mine are just two leggers.

  2. Looks like you are having a beeyootiful weekend!

    Happy weekend!

    Woofs and Kisses
    The Fiesty Three

  3. OH, what fun you all are having tracking down the tree rat! I wish I was there to help.

    And I want you to know that your posts are ALWAYS entertaining! But that's a pretty neat thing. Most unfortunately, silly Wordpress doesn't allow flash stuff on my bloggie so I won't be able to put it on mine. Oh, well. Guess I'll just have to come visit you more often when I feel random!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Mom says to embrace your inner geek! She's a total sucker for gadgets. You should see them all! The Randomizer is just plain cool!

    Blueberry and I had a close encounter with a squirrel at the dog park Thursday morning, but not close enough!


  5. Mom likes playing with widgets and gadgets too, as long as they work. When they don't work, we all hide.

    Bailey caught one of those nasty tree rats a couple weeks ago. It was pretty exciting.

  6. Love the randomizer! Also, like your choice of blog template (I have same one!) Hope you find the tree rat soon!

    Happy blog hop!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Mom khouldn't get passed the furst pikh -

    Of khourse, I was ready to help with the evil khreature!


  8. miss zona,
    did you get that evil squirrel?? i sure hope so.
    me and mama think that purple iris is just gor-ge-ous! i would love to give it a sniff. do you have irises in your yard?
    the booker man

  9. Love the post and the "randomizer" BOL.. Careful of those evil tree rats
    Benny & Lily



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