Saturday, June 5, 2010

The One with the Long Update

Well, I FINALLY heard from mom. Apparently, they were having too much fun to upload photos. She said it's very hot and crowded so I have to concede it's best we skipped this one. Cali can't handle the heat and Phoenix and I can't handle the crowds - though for different reasons!

The first stop was papa's parents house in NJ. We've been there before but have NEVER seen the kind of wildlife there that the two-leggers saw this trip. Word is the three of us might scare them away. Doesn't that make you BOL? ME, Miss Zona who can be startled by her own shadow, scaring off a big bear?

First, another family was in their parking space...

Then a second family made a loop around the property, crossing right through the driveway.

Then a deer was spying on papa while he took a shower after dark.

Of course, even I can't forget this guy: a relative of my nemesis!

Wildlife aside, they had a good visit.

Click here to see more photos! (Rodger, if you right click on the photo and select "Save Image As" you can save any photo or video to your computer.)

Early Friday morning, they left there to head to the No-Dogs-Allowed Festival.

More photos from Day 1? Click here. Wait... what is this?? This is Bubbles! Bubbles is a PET! I thought they said no pets??? I knew my two-leggers were stretching the truth! BOL!

I guess Bubbles is exempt. Lucky tortoise.

Part one of the festival: food. Mom's favorite part. BOL!

The festival officially opened today with lots of bands playing on a few different stages. I'll be waiting to hear from mom. Don't tell Cali but I'm glad to be home. So many people! And the picture of Wild Bill in the first picture above is a little alarming to me.

Both Saturday and Sunday there is also a horse show going on... now that is something that might make me reconsider my stance. I do love horses. AND mom said there are DOGS there with the horse folks. See? My two-leggers need to forget this music stuff and do more horsey stuff!

Meanwhile here at home, we patiently keep an eye out for our friends.

A bad storm blew through today so I opened the baby gate and the three of us hung out downstairs. BOL! That gate never stops me! What are they thinking? Too bad mom keeps the laundry room door closed. That's where she stores our extra bags of food. I know how to work the food bin too. Mom says I'm too smart for my own good sometimes but I think she's frustrated because I can outsmart her! Much like I can outsmart some of my poker buddies...

Whew! That was a long post! Time for a nap, right?


  1. Zona, Blog Mom wants me to tell you to tell your Mom that my human brother has played on the same bill with a number of those bands when he was a musician, which he was until a few months ago when he decided a decade on the road was enough. And he knows quite a few of those guys.(We Googled the festival.) Yeah, none of those festies allow dogs anymore. Probably for the best. This looks like a pretty quiet one but a lot of them involve young people not being in condition to take care of their dogs. Also, we have a couple of different friends in NJ and they both get bears in their backyards rather a lot. I'm glad we don't, I think.

    wags, Lola

  2. Oh, what a shame you couldn't go! Mom was impressed by all the Airstreams! I say make your own adventure while they're gone. If you're that close, I'm sure you can jimmy the door open and have a kibble party!


    P.S. We loved all those pictures! They're beautiful!

  3. Grrrreat pics. Shame you couldn't go Zona. That really stinks like cat crap. I mean look how much MORE fun they would have had with YOU along. I'm just sayin'.

  4. Ah yes!

    THAT festival!

    Mom is on that e-mail list ;-)

    Too bad woo khouldn't stop here fur us!

    Thanks fur sharing the great pikhs!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Your Papa's parents have a beautiful place. But, tell them not to get nears that baby cub or they could loose their heads...literally. That happened when my papa was in Canada.
    That festival looks like so much fun, I bet your pawrents are having a blast. I mean, of course, it would be waaaay more fun if you was there though.

  6. Ahhh- I thought it was just a bunch of Airstreamers getting together. I did not know about the music festial. I used to do a lot of those. You had a much better (safer) time at the poker party. (Well, except for the table dancing.)
    Really enjoyed the last cartoon!

  7. It looks like the festival was alot of fun! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!



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