Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The One with the Lion

Not much to report here. Papa was home with us yesterday and Miss Perfect Cali got into a lovely perfume cocktail. Mom was at work but she probably chuckled to herself when papa was relaying the story since the perfume incidents only seem to happen when he's away. It was quite a change of pace. And CALI - she's the hardest one to bathe with all of that hair. Not that Cali cared. Sometimes getting caught with the perfume is worth it, isn't it?

It's hard to tell but after a bath, it always looks like Cali crimped her hair.

Summertime brings the best smells. And, construction, apparently. Mom has been taking a detour for the past several weeks when she has to go into the office. It takes her right past this.

Doesn't this remind you of sweet Ginger? Look at that regal pose?

It's not just the regal pose. It's how lions are part of her breed history, her personality, her friend The Lioness (featured at the end of that post)... so many things. We miss her every day.

I can imagine your comments at that picture. BOL! let's just say, I had some challenges growing into my ears. But that could be a whole post all by itself!

And no. I still can't tell you the surprise... yet! Though I'm thinking about turning it into a guessing game when we get closer: Mayzie style!


  1. Bwhahahahahaha, I so sorry, I just can't seemms to get past da ears. Oh me...that was funny. I'm ok nows, I wont laughs no more,I promise.
    Brudder A lookss like that when he gets out of da baff. He looks funny too.
    I'm excited to see what you has planned and Myzie has such wonderful styles (cuz I taughts her) so it is bound to be fun and entertaining.

  2. PEES: I furgots to tell you that our sissies texted me yesterday and said they was laughing at you...hehehehe!

  3. Crap...that was suppose to say YOUR sissies texted me....stoopid wireless keyboard.

  4. That statue does look like Ginger! I think she's much prettier, though!

    Oh, I think your ears are lovely!


  5. Super duper cool ears, my friend!

  6. I Love Love Love the ear pic.. How cute. Yes there is a resemblence with that HOOOOGE Lion. I can see it fur sure.
    My furs get all kinky and crimpy too. SIGH

  7. Oh, Zona! Looks at those little ears. The last time I saw my puppy Smudge, he was waging ear wars, too! SO cute!

    And Ginger was just the most regal and beautiful looking thing! I luved seeing pictures of her. She really does look like a lion!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Are you suure you don't want to tell us your secret? The clock says 47 days. That's like almost 20 years!

  8. My fur does the same thing when it is wet - gets all curly. What I wouldn't give for naturally straight fur that doesn't require brushing!

  9. My friend Geisha the labradoodle stays wet for every when her hair gets wet

  10. Naturally the pictures of Ginger caught my attention. (I didn't miss the ears, though. Adorable and quite remarkable, I must say.) Peis can do regal if we want to. Even I can for a flash here and there.

    wags, Lola

  11. I love all the pikhs but the ears win!


  12. Love all of the super sweet pictures!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  13. Hi Zona! We have gotten very behind in visiting so we have missed seeing you! Silly mom's and their work! We think it is cool your mom gets to go by the lion every day! And it is funny that Cali's hair is like it's crimped when it is wet - our big brother Floyd's fur would do that when he had to have a bath! And we agree that Ginger looks very much like a lion in that picture - and we think your crazy ears are super cute!!

  14. miss zona,
    what smells did miss cali find?? you can't leave us hanging like that!
    oh, miss ginger was super regal looking. what an elegant lady she was!
    i love love love your stick up ears!!
    the booker man

    pee s -- i'm not sure i can make it 46 days for the surprise! egads!!!



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