Thursday, June 10, 2010

The One Where Cali Sleeps

Wowee, this is a long post. Make sure you take a potty break and grab some water before settling in! First, I'm happy to report that Phoenix is back to feeling great! She sends a big THANK YOU to all of you for your well wishes!

Since I got better so fast mom thinks it was anxiety (of the separation variety) but Phoenix had a longer period of... unrest... so she got boiled chicken and rice for a few meals. This is significant because mom doesn't cook. Yet she'll cook for us at first hint of distress. We have her so well trained!

She sometimes debates a fresh, cooked diet for us (she's not ready to seriously consider raw). Do any of you have fresh meals prepared? Mom worries that she won't be able to keep it up and that she might not get a healthy, balanced diet on her own.

Cali is allergic to many, many foods, which would have made it difficult had she been sick too. No chicken OR rice for Miss Cali. Luckily, she made it through the week without a hint of belly ache. You wouldn't know it from this picture though. Can you see her tiny pink tongue hanging out as she sleeps? BOL!

Cali is known for her crazy sleeping positions.

The Trundle Bed
The Over Hang
The Anti-Ladylike
(I'm not old enough to type what
Aunt Katie calls this position!)
The Squeeze
Okay, I know this is not Cali but I didn't want you to forget what I look like after so many pictures of Care Bear!

Anyone else sleep in unusual positions?

Though she was fine belly-wise, she did need a shot from her inhaler yesterday! I always get questions about this - apparently a canine inhaler is intriguing to some, so
click here to read a quick summary about how it works. The inhaler business is at the end of the post.

After her treatment, she always gets a special treat. This time she got to have the first crack at a
Wholesome Hide USA Retriever Rolls, our very favorite bones! Mom read about them in the Whole Dog Journal about a year ago. They are made from one thick piece of rawhide, making them less of a choking hazard and longer lasting. In addition, they are from American cattle and 100% US made, which mom loves. They are free from dyes, flavoring, chemicals and other harmful processes too! :: end commercial segment ::

I have to admit, I'm not as into them until Cali gets them started but Cali and Phoenix are definitively obsessed with them!

In other news, here are some pictures of the garden as my Arizona family requested! The veggies are starting to appear! But you'll notice the size of the garden is significantly smaller this year. Mom is having a much, much easier time keeping up with the weeds this year!



  1. What a full and pawesome post!

    Of khourse, one of those poses is MY favourite ;-)


  2. Oh, we are in total envy of your garden!

    I'm sure glad Phoenix is feeling better! Being sick is no fun!

    Unusual sleeping positions? We are greyhounds! It's in our contract that we have many unusual sleeping positions!


  3. I'm glad Phoenix is better and that you're feeling well, too. In answer to one question, I get cooked food some of the time. It depends what we've got. I'm not one of those dogs who needs the exact same diet every day. In fact, I get tired of things and won't eat if it's the same thing too many days in a row no matter what it is. Same with treats. If they're not changed up I lose interest. I'm a little bit of a picky eater is the thing. What I won't eat is kibble. And veggies. And starches for the most part. Once in a while I'll nibble a pizza crust, but that's it for starches pretty much.

    Love Calli's sleeping positions. They show great versatility, don't you think?

    wags, Lola

  4. Isn't being sick da gets boiled chicken and rice...yep, we haves alot of sickie faking going on at my house. I'm also glads to know your mom is a freak too and don't cook. My mum don't cook eithers and I haves a little girl too that needs to eat...I can't be giving her all my kibble.I wonders if her might end up short and long like me.
    This is a brilliant idea fur a post ...bouts sleeping positions. shoulds have had a pikture of Cali sleeping in da garden.

  5. Cali is so cute napping. My best position is laying with my head down off the couch, that way I can still watch what's happeneing. But I mostly sleep on my back crossways on the bed so Mommy has to squeeze in.

    Mommy was scolding me cause I knocked over the bag of my foodables and was chowing down. It wasn't my fault,she was taking to much time on the phone and it was past my dinnertine so I took matters into my own hands. She didn't even give me a treat before bedtime, how cruel was that.


  6. Love the sleeping positions. Don't you feel sorry for the two leggers who are sooooo boring when they sleep.
    Glad the sickies are gone. Love the look of that rawhide. USA USA good to know Something is still being made here.

  7. Mmmmm, chicken and rice! Glad you guys are feeling better! Mom tried a crock pot diet recommended by our vet, Dr. Ruth. We loved it! But, there are so many of us, the crock pot wasn't big enough for more than 1-2 days' meals. So, she gave that up. We're on a mixed dry/canned diet with some cooked ground chuck or fish, and whatever fresh fruits and veggies are in the fridge. All in all, we're not complaining right now. We wouldn't mind more treats, though. Those rawhide thingies look yummy!
    The Road Dogs



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