Saturday, May 8, 2010

The One with the Wind

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That sums up today in one word!! Early in the day the two-leggers went out in the wind to go to a FLEA Market. Apparently they sell other stuff too because they came home with cucumber plants instead.

The weather looked ominous
but the wind kept the rain away!
Picking out cukes!
Check out this bird!! They walked right past all of the folks at the veggie stand, including my papa standing by the truck, and not a soul noticed! I would have noticed for sure!! How cool!

I wonder if my birdies will get that big...

Back at home, we all played outside in the wind. Cali and I kept an eye out for my nemesis.

Phoenix spent the time being blown around by the wind until she gave up and headed inside.

The wind also blew plums EVERYWHERE! Can you see them?? They act like marbles, mom said as her arms pinwheeled.

The wind even blew down a big branch! (Mom said that's why we couldn't be outside when the wind was really gusting. Boo!)

It was a fast wind!

Click play arrow to view video.

Check out the peak sustained wind!
19.6 MPH!
And the peak gust is amazing!
54.8 MPH!
Despite the wind, it was a beautiful day!

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  1. We have big winds, too, only ours started to be really big last night. Maybe you sent us yours? Our street is full of leaves and little branches. I don't know if there are bigger things that have fallen down nearby, but I wouldn't be surprised. It was pawsitively scary sounding out there last night.



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