Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The One with the Theme

Despite being Cinco de Mayo, today was a yawn-fest. Papa's pneumonia is still wearing him out so he took it easy today. We took a nap with him this afternoon so he wouldn't be lonely. Mom had to go into work today even though it was Wednesday. I'm happy to report there was no rain so her day was uneventful.

I mostly spent the day keeping my eye out for my nemesis.

I got a sneaky suspicion that he was doing the same.

I also spent time cruising the blogs. Which leads me to this... I need some advice.

You may have noticed that in the early days I would use actual
Friends episode titles as my blog titles. Then I segued into keeping the title as close as possible to actual episode titles. Now I've evolved to sticking with the "TOW" format as episodes were running short. It's my way paying homage to one of mom's favorite shows of all time. Plus " . . . it is a bit of a challenge!" (Bonus points granted if you can name the episode in which Chandler says those words! I know this answer because the series runs almost 24/7 at my house! Oy!) Anywhooo...

With respect to blog titles and themes, I've noticed many of my friends have theme days. There's Wordless Wednesday, Way Back When-sday, Flower Friday and so on... I'm thinking it would be fun to join in on this tradition. The question is... what should my theme be? Any suggestions? One of these? Something new?

In the meantime, look how fast the birdies are growing! They're almost too big for the nest! Mom's getting nervous again - just like last year - wondering if she should put some bubble wrap down on the ground since it's all rocks under their nest! Soon the worrying about us pups causing havoc will set in.. BOL!




  1. Wowee...those baby birdies sure have grown super-duper fast!

    My mom noticed right away that your bloggie was like Friends episodes (I prefer Animal Planet myself.) But she doesn't know 'em by titles so she can't gets the answer to your question.

    Now, as for a theme, we thinks you should stick with something that would be easy to do week in and week out. We likes Wordless Wednesday cuz my mom says we're all photogenic enough that she can always find a picture that needs no words. It also helps, we think, for your theme to be something kinda broad so that lots of stuff can fits into it. Like my Favoritest Things Friday can be real "things" or just interesting stuffs that we find on the internets. See?

    Good luck figuring out your own special theme!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. You can certainly join in on any of the ones you like. I started doing Flower Friday because my momma loves to take photos of flowers (she's not too good at it but I appease her). You could do something like Friends Friday and post about your furiends or Friends on TV ;o) I would love for you to join in on flower Friday if you want to. Good luck! We had to think about ours for a bit to come up with it.

  3. miss zona,
    you are right...those baby birdies are growin' like weeds!!
    i really like wordless wednesday and flower fridays cuz i looove takin' pictures and smellin' flowers. but that's just should do what you like to do the bestest!
    oh, and i am sending some more healin' vibes to your daddy!
    the booker man

  4. Those birdies look mighty tastey...I mean grown.
    Now bout da theme thingie...we do whatevers we feel like or at least I do. Unfortunaley, we is just all overs da place...not really scheduled and routined. I guess I needs to work on that. Now that I thinks about it....I could do a theme bout what evilness I have caused during da week....hehehe!
    Anyway, I like Twix's idea bout doin da Friend Friday.


  5. Hi Zona! Thanks for your comment about the butterflies and flowers. Mom says she can't take a lot of credit for those....all she did was push a button. She went to Powell Gardens here in Kansas City and they were having a butterfly display with butterflies from all ofer the world. So they were in an enclosed area and there were TONS of them. That was a couple summers ago. She said she wants to go again this year.
    Hope your pops is feeling better today. Have a great weekend!



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