Saturday, May 22, 2010

The One with a Snake in Tub

We're home!!!! What a wonderful trip we had.

Contemplating the Beach
Meeting Interesting "Friends"
Working out PlansHanging out in the Airstream
Taking Walks
Taking Naps Watching Papa Cook
Admiring the Sunsets

Click play arrow to view video.
Please pardon my shaky paws.
I was busy watching a couple of Cocker Spaniels nearby.
I didn't think it would be so bad but the turbulent video
is more pronounced with the sped up footage. Whoops!

Admiring Cute Doggies
Click here to see some pictures of us on the last few days of the trip. As much fun as we had, it's always good to get home. While Cali loves new adventures, I'm a homebody at heart! I have loads of fun on our vacations but there's something comforting about my own neighborhood.

The two-leggers were talking along our ride home about how traveling with the Argosy is nice because there's virtually no unpacking! They didn't utter a peep about the chores that were piling up while we were away. There was foot high grass to be mowed, patios to be swept of fallen plums, ducks to be visited (since they were taken care of by our great friend Lisa, there was no work to be done there!), salt water tank to be cleaned and treated, GREEN pool water to be troubleshooted (vacuum turned off while we were away), garden to be checked, mounds of laundry to be washed - I dozed off for awhile so probably missed some things.. UNTIL... there was an unexpected chore... a SNAKE swimming in the hot tub! THAT was exciting!

Papa just left for work. It's his first day back in about 3 or 4 WEEKS. I hope he remembers how to get there! Well, mom is about to start some laundry. I better go supervise! Cali is trying to convince her to order pizza for us.

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  1. Hi Zona! It's nice to meet you all of us love new friends!! We'll give everyone an update about our date soon!

    Have a wooferful weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!
    Indiana and The Fiesty Three



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