Friday, May 7, 2010

The One with the Monkey

There are days when two-leggers confuse me. For instance, it's no secret that baths are simply a travesty we have to endure now and then or if we get into the perfume. Mom didn't get this memo. This week she went to a salon and paid someone to wash her hair. She paid for this service. Can you imagine?? Paying to get out of it, now that I can relate to.

Two-leggers sure are strange sometimes. Another example: Do you know how many nicknames they've given us over the years? Take a guess...

No.. more than that!

Cali also goes by Cali Bear and which became Care Bear and eventually just BEAR. Then there's Cali Bali and pretty much anything that will rhyme with Cali. In a hurry? Just CAL will do since Cali is so very long. Sheesh!

Phoenix becomes Phoeny or Phoeny Weeney (BOL!). Then her traditional animal name: PIG... Pigs (Pigs?!)... Piggy... Baby Pig. Some have been known to call her Div
a when she's not listening.

I'm Zona Zoo and Zoney Bologna (my mom likes to rhyme apparently). Most commonly I go by Monkey. Occasionally, since Monkey can be too time consuming for my two-leggers, I answer to MONK which then morphed into the
unexplainable Monk Fish. One of my most favorite two-leggers calls me Zona Marie when I'm naughty-- which is never.

It's a wonder we answer at all some days! Are we alone in the nickname department? I'd love to hear yours!

Thanks for the theme day suggestions! We're still working it out and I hope to unveil a theme day soon!


  1. hey, guess what, miss zona! my mommy likes to rhyme, too. teehee.
    so there's me, booker, also known as the booker man, mr. booker, booky, books, booker the looker, booker schnooker or goober lips (don't ask).
    then there's asa, also known as asa basa, miss asa, asa girl, baby A, pickle, or chunky monkey.
    the booker man

  2. Haha!'re Most Definitely NOT alone! Brudder Ranger gets called Range, Rangie, Ranger Doodle, Doodle, Boo, Buddy, and sometimes my dad shortens Doodle to just Dude. With me, I'm Mayze, Mayzie Lou, Mayzie Lou Who, Sweetie, and Baby Girl. And I answer to pretty much ALL of 'em cuz they all make me happy to hear!

    My mom pays peoples to wash her hair sometimes, too. Humans are such a mystery.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. I don't have a lot of nicknames. Does that mean they don't love me? Or that they lack imagination. Maybe the latter. Sometimes they call me Lovely Lola. Other times just Beautiful Girl. Not very rhymey, but it does seem sufficiently worshipful. Mostly, though, it's just Lola.

    Alpha Mom pays them to groom her sometimes. She picked one down the street from my groomer so as to make it convenient for both of us.

    wags, Lola

  4. Hi Zona! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and wishing me well. I feel fine, just waiting for results now.Mommy is the nervous wreak. QWe'll be back to visit soon. QWe would, love to be friends.


  5. hihi, miss zona!
    i'm back cuz i wanted to say thanks for thinking good thoughts for my big sis asa. we've been following your instructions carefully today and have been givin' mama lots of gooey nose kisses. teehee!
    the booker man



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