Monday, May 3, 2010

The One Where the Wiper Quits

Monday in summary....

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EQUALS . . .

The day was obviously quite uneventful. But the morning was exciting! It started out normally: mom got up at o'early o'clock so Cali and I joined her for moral support-- actually, Cali woke up to potty and then crawled right back in bed with papa and Phoenix. After I helped her get ready, mom left in the pouring rain and I snuggled down for a rest.

That pouring rain became a deluge of water which made the darkness more treacherous but I figured, "No problem my mom drives in the rain all the time." Well about 30 minutes after she left, the phone rang and papa sprinted out of here. I knew something had to be amiss. My papa does not sprint anywhere before the sun comes up!! AND he didn't bring any coffee with him!!

The three of us waited patiently for his return... well, Cali and I waited. To be honest, Phoenix barely woke up with the ruckus. She loves her beauty sleep. When he got back, we learned that about 20 minutes into the commute to work, with over an hour to go, the driver-side windshield wiper decided it was too early and went back to sleep. There were rumors of a union strike - perhaps all wipers were refusing to work at such an undogly hour in such miserable weather - but that was quickly ruled out by the evidence of dozens - HUNDREDS - of other vehicles whizzing by mom's little truck on the highway with their wiper blades flying and dumping sheets of water on her blurry windshield. Not to mention the passenger-side wiper still buzzing away causing more trouble than assistance!

So she turned off the single, useless wiper and crept along the highway until she could get to the next exit a few miles down the road and call my papa, ever the hero, sped to her rescue! Isn't he the best?!


  1. Hello is a pleasure to meet you. And, any friend of Lola's is a friend of mine.
    Now that moust have just been very much skeery fur your mom...I just can't even imagine. Now my mum doesn't drive in da rain. Not cuz her is afraid but cuz she thinks we can't be unsupervised in da house...well at least me...hehehe!

  2. You inspire me, Puddles! Maybe I should be more crafty to keep mom home to supervise me! BOL!

  3. Scary! Good thing your mom has some rain driving experience.



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