Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One Where They're at the Beach

Greetings from the beach!! We arrived on Monday and are having a great time!

Click the play arrow to view the video.

Click on the lighthouse to view some pictures of our first two days here at the beach, including some geocaching pictures! Pictures from today's day of lazing around on the sand will be loaded up soon!
Hatteras: Days 1 and 2

I sure started something with my talk of geocaching! From what I understand, you get coordinates on the interwebs, that you plug into your GPS (papa uses the GPS on his phone) and there are clues you can use when you arrive. So you get your two-legger to the coordinates....

... and then they use the clue to find the actual treasure, called a geocache.

Then you sign the "I was here" sheet in the cache, if there is one, and peruse the varied items in the treasure. Then from your phone or back home on the interwebs, you log that you found the geocache.

There are different difficulty levels and different containment systems: geocache tubes, baby bottles, ammo boxes, etc. Anything that can withstand the elements! Some are two part geocaches, you decipher a code which brings you to the next set of coordinates.

Disclosure: papa wanted me to be clear that the phone he uses for geocaching is the HTC Droid Incredible - NOT this BlackBerry. Mom was doing some calculations on her phone but he's so in love with his Droid that he wants to be clear that he the Incredible trumps BB. Hehe...

The treasure is BORING if you ask me but the adventure is so much fun for all ages and... well... species! We all LOVE hiking and my two-leggers love technology so it's a perfect activity for the five of us to enjoy together. I highly recommend you get your two-leggers to visit this website and give it a try!

Papa gets especially excited if he finds a "Travel Bug."

These are placed in a cache and then one someone finds it, they take it, log it in online and place it in another cache so it moves throughout the world! There are over ONE MILLION geocaches out there. We are traveling 1,300 miles during this vacation and we pass 2,500 geocaches within a short distance from our route. It would take us ages to get home if we stopped at all of these but, hey, I wouldn't mind one bit!

Mom says something about working for a living but I generally tune that out. We ARE on vacation, after all!


  1. miss zona!
    oh, the beach looks so totally awesome!! i have never been there before. look at all that sand to dig in, and all that water to splash in! i need to get my mama and daddy to take me there!!
    thanks for explaining the geocache thingie. it sounds really fun. my mama and daddy would like doing that, i think...and that would mean car rides for me and my big sis asa! oh, and my daddy has that HTC incredible thingie, too. he LOOOVES it.
    the booker man

  2. OH my what luverly piktures. Now that humongus baff tub that your Papa is fishing in skeeres me.
    Now , I am so glads you talked bout this geocashing stuffs cuz I had no idea what you were talking bout. I like me a good treasure hunt so it was quite onformative and something I think just might be fun.
    Hope ya'll is having a great time...have a safe trip.



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