Sunday, May 16, 2010

The One After Tennessee

Well our trip to Tennessee was a lot of fun!! We saw some sights on the way...

Like this old horse in front of this even older barn.

And then we explored the campground.

We were pooped!

Friday morning we headed out early in search of more geocaches!

"Where's he going?!"
"I can't even see him anymore!""But look at what I found!"
Meanwhile, papa found two geocaches and an EARTH cache! He was very excited, especially when the second geocache had a diabetes TRAVEL BUG in it! Apparently this is rare and very exciting to two-leggers. I wasn't sold.

"Really? That's what all of the fuss was about?!"
After geocaching, we headed to the Great Smoky Mountain State Park to visit Cades Cove. The Cove has been preserved by the park to look much the way it looked in the 1800's. Once home to a small mountain community, whose settlers came from mainly from Virginia, North Carolina and upper east Tennessee. Cades Cove has original pioneer homesteads, barns, businesses, pasture and farmland--a fitting tribute to the hearty people who lived here in the days of yesteryear.
The setting was beautiful. Lots of new scents and neat hideaways!

For more pictures of Cades Cove, click here!

Saturday it was time for the Open House at the Vintage Trailer Rally!

For more pictures of the vintage trailers, click here! There aren't as many - mom got carried away at Cades Cove!

There was a "swap meet" during the open house and mom found THIS! She bought it for three green papers. She wonders if her mom and Aunt Katie remember having one identical this.

We're pulling up to our overnight stop before we make it to the beach!! Stay tuned...


  1. Blog Mom says she remembers having things like your Mom got at the swap meet. It looks like a pawsome trip with many noseventures, even if I don't know what a geocache is.

    wags, Lola

  2. What a great time you are having...I ain't too sure of that cacheing stuff either.
    Your mom and pop make da cutest couple.

  3. Hi guys! I write for Airstream Life and want to talk to you about your trip. Can you contact me? Thanks!

  4. Gosh, that Cade's Cove place looks really neat! That's just the kinda place that my mom and dad luvs to visit. Did you take that picture of them? You did a great job. You sure do have some adorable humans!

    Happy Cheezeday!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Awesome pictures! the internet treasure hunts? Do you use a GPS? Who sets them up? Tell us more!

  6. miss zona,
    can you ask your daddy to tell us more about these geocache thingies he likes to find? it sounds very exciting and adventurous. my mama and daddy like to do thingies like that, and i like it when they can bring me and asa along, too. heehee.
    anywho, thanks for posting all of those pretty pictures! you are exploring some neato places for sures! the picture with your mama and daddy is so so cute, too. :)
    the booker man

  7. I love your blog! Please stop by my blog and accept your award!

  8. Oh My!!! TENNESSEE!!! That's were we're all from!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three



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