Monday, April 26, 2010

The One with the Weed

Happy Monday, readers! Saturday was a great day here at the park. We snuggled with the two-leggers in the morning and then got to play outside while they planted flowers and vegetables. Then papa worked on giving the Argosy a bath and starting the polishing.

Rain was in the forecast but it cleared up into a nice day after all!

Then Sunday came.

In the wee hours, I woke up with a terrible bellyache. The gurgle sounds were so loud they could be heard clear across the room! It was miserable. I was miserable. Mom thinks a few weeds are to blame.

I was able to catch a nap when mom left in the morning to go with Lisa on a Chicken Field Trip. Did she take pictures? No. She was too caught up in the excitement of meeting the chickens and, later, some goats. I should have been more clear with my instructions. Though I can't blame her really. Goats are certainly intriguing! They love to climb and mom said they sound super cute. Since mom brought her camera for nothing, here's a picture I swiped from Lisa's blog from this winter... click here for a few more on her site.

I was still lethargic and on my self-imposed fast when papa got home. At first I thought papa was having sympathy pains because he too was sleepy. No tummy upset but the two-leggers think he was hit with the flu - again! Poor papa.

This morning we all slept in a bit for a Monday and I woke mom up with bright eyes and more energy than yesterday! She was very relieved. I chased my nemesis up a tree and then came in and ran straight for my food bin. Mom gave me my breakfast in three tiny meals thoughout the morning. I gobbled each one up and, most importantly, kept them down.

As I write this, my sisters are napping and I'm wide-awake!

Mom says things are getting back to normal around here! Now we just have to get papa feeling well again...

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  1. Zona, sometimes my Brudder Ranger and me eats weeds, too. They don't upset my tummy but wowza! sometimes they really make Brudder Ranger pay. I'm very much glad you're feeling better!

    Oh, and I thinks goats are cute, too. They're kinda like funny looking dogs, dontcha think?

    Wiggles & Wags,



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