Friday, April 23, 2010

The One with the Mystery

He's back. My nemesis. And he's been digging in the planters!! It's been driving the two-leggers crazy. Maybe they'll FINALLY see what I've talking about here! Take a look - he scoots the plant over and then digs in the dirt. What is he looking for? Is it because he buried some chestnuts in the flowers by the pond this past fall and these flowers are similar?? He is a quirky little devil!

Most of the morning was spent watching for him while mom worked. Then in the afternoon my friend Lisa came over for a visit. We half-heartedly tried to get the boys to come out and play but they weren't interested today.

Later, papa came home from Germany with LOTS of treats for mom - pretzels and her new favorite: Kinder Candy Bars!

They're made from the same makers of those Kinder Joy Eggs.

You'll notice in that post about the Kinder Joy that there are pictures of last year's baby birds. So far our birds are still growing in their eggs. Here's a picture through the deck boards.

And here's momma bird keeping a close eye on mom.




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