Saturday, April 3, 2010

The One with the Day Off

Greetings, loyal readers! Today was a beautiful day: sunny, breezy, warm - dare I say hot!

After being knocked down with the flu for a couple of days papa is feeling great now and has been using his day off to work on some chores outside. First he tackled vacuuming the pool.

I don't think I saw this maneuver in the manual!

While the two-leggers tackled chores, WE were lucky enough to enjoy Wholesome Hide bones! Phoenix ate her bone inside.

But I took mine outside.

Mom is curious why I carry my bones vertically like straws versus horizontally like bones. She worries too much!

And Cali... well, she took her bone outside first...

And then...

Click play arrow to view video.

Phoenix tried to uncover the hidden bone later in the day...

But Cali had already moved it to a safer location after mom turned the camera off and went inside.

She dug it up later in the afternoon and enjoyed a filthy treat!

After awhile, she even let me have a turn... and yes... I did then let Phoenix have a turn before dinner. (It was just about finished anyway!)




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