Sunday, April 11, 2010

The One with Big Meadows

We're home!! What a wonderful weekend we had camping at Big Meadows! There was NO cell phone service at the top of the mountain so that means no phone calls and no internet, even though I packed my WiFi card and laptop. We knew we would be boon-docking (aka: dry camping) but we weren't sure if we'd have reception. I was worried mom would have withdrawals not having ANY technology but she got used to it pretty quickly actually!

There was lots to see up there on such a unique part of "The Drive." Click here to check out some pictures from our trip!

This was our first trip this season camping without hookup. To be honest, I didn't notice! Thanks to papa installing both a fresh water holding tank and a furnace, we had running water AND heat. And we really needed that heat! It was in the low 30s overnight. There were many tent campers... hard core tent campers for sure! The days warmed up and the skies were clear and sunny!




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