Monday, April 5, 2010

The One with the Beds

Today was a lovely day! Papa got home early and did some work outside. When he took Cali for a ride to pick up mulch and grass seed, I cried a bit for effect. He obviously felt a wee bit guilty because later he took me with him in mom's pickup truck to meet her at the mechanic's shop. That was fun!

Though, I wasn't too keen on having to sit on the floor of mom's truck in the extra cab. Cali loves rides no matter where she sits but I, Zona the Amazing, deserve a cushioned seat! It was a tight fit trying to peer out the back window at tailgaters. We dropped the truck off and got in the Explorer with mom. That was more like it.

The grass seed is needed in a few places but one of them is near the greenhouse. This past weekend papa built raised beds for the garden. The existing garden is being prepped for a surprise on Monday so we had to find a new place for a scaled down version!

Ta-da!! Now to spread that grass seed. Eventually it will grow...

1 comment:

  1. Those raised beds look great! Weeding should be almost non-existent!
    Mr C talked to your neighbor the other day... he wants some hens and a rooster!!! He's planning a coop where the beagles were! How AWESOME is THAT!!!!



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