Friday, April 30, 2010

The One Where they Hatch

They're here!!! The baby birds are here!!

If you listen REALLY closely, you can hear their little chirps. (Please pardon mom's shaky camera work. The nest is on one of the deck boards and she had to hold the camera up over her head. Not to mention she was rushing so she wouldn't spook momma bird.)

Click play arrow to view video.

Mom's photos came out blurry - she had the camera on the wrong setting! - but here they are anyway! Papa said we needed to leave them alone for awhile so I'll have better pictures as they start to grow up into full sized Chickadees!

Aren't they cute? After the quick photo shoot, we went to visit with our other cute birds: Wally and Stella.

See Phoeny running the background? I was so fast I was halfway around the pond before the photo was snapped!

The birds were happy. The weather was beautiful. Papa was home recuperating. Mom was working remotely today. It was a great day!


  1. Wowee...look at those itty bitty teeny little birdies! That's really very much amazing! And I can't believes you have DUCKS! Do you ever gets to play the bitey face game with 'em?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Hi Mayzie! Yes, those birdies are tiny but they sure can be noisy when they're hungry! (Kinda like my mom. Shh!) I try to get my ducks to play with me through their enclosure but we mostly just run along the fence line. They don't understand my play bow at all. When they do get to come out and wander in the yard, mom is a spoilsport about making sure I'm calm with them. No bitey face games, she says. She's no fun. They were each raised with dogs so they love us. This is the first post about them: How's it been going now that the wall is down at your house? Any more play time with your kitty?

  3. hihi, miss zona!!
    thanks bunches 'n tons for coming by my bloggie to visit! it's super nice to meet you, and i looove makin' new friendz! :)
    i had a birdie family at my house last spring just like yours! isn't that cool?? they nested on our front porch in one of the hanging flower baskets. you sure are right about baby birdies being noisy! we couldn't keep the windows open when we snoozed at night or early in the morning, we'd all wake up from the baby birdies squealin' for breakfasts.
    oh, and i also think it's way awesome that you have duckies!! THE BOOKER MAN LOOOOOVES DUCKIES!!!
    can i come over and play with you 'n wally 'n stella some time? i promise i'll be on my bestest behaviors. :)
    the booker man



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