Thursday, April 22, 2010

The One Where the Shed Beckons

Today started off a little rough. Papa was away getting pretzels for me last night and mom went to work early this morning. Unfortunately, not long after she left, I got a little sick. One of my best two-legger friends, Stacey, came to visit us and, I'm embarrassed to admit, she had to clean up my mess. She goes above and beyond. Sorry, Stacey!!

I recovered by the time mom got home and I took her on a nice walk around the park. Time to get her exercising!

"Hmm.. this is interesting."
"PHOENIX!!! Come here. I need your help!!!!"
"Shorty, I need you to do me a favor."
"Scoot under there and tell me what's new."
"I'm on it, Legs!"
"Nothing new. But mom made me come right back out."
"ZONA! She's threatening to block my opening
with chicken wire again!! Abort the plan!!"

"She's gone, Phoenix. She gets out of dodge
as soon as mom uses her "no-no" voice."

Cali's right. I quickly left the scene lest Phoenix got into trouble. Look how spring has sprung around here!

The two-leggers call these "buttercups."
They taste more like boring "saladcups" to me. Ick!
I wish we had scratch and sniff monitors already.
The flowers are all so fragrant!!Papa, this one is for you.
Click to enlarge the photo... see anything interesting?
This was happening in most of the pictures tonight. And Phoenix was VERY spazzy! So funny!

The pasture. Where are my horse friends today??
"Ahhh... spring!"

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  1. Hi Zona! Thanks oodles for coming by my bloggie and saying hi! Gosh, those flowers are pretty. We don't have anything like that here yet. Maybe soon.

    Sorry you got sick but I'm glad you got feeling good enough to do some exploring! It looks like it was most fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,



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