Thursday, March 25, 2010

The One with the Zona Cam

It's been a flurry of activity around here! We finally got some rest earlier when the two-leggers were out and about for a little while.

Papa's been working this week but was able to get some mulch today, which kept him busy until he had to get ready to leave. I supervised!

Mom's just over half way through her break so the to-do list is shrinking! She's been keeping up with work projects so she doesn't get behind but most of her energy has been directed toward a few closets, which were organized and "thinned out," and toward those pesky taxes and that pile of personal paperwork. It's funny what she finds exciting.

I think you'll agree that MY day is more exciting! One of the delightful finds when mom cleaned out the closet downstairs was a Christmas gift from Santa: my OWN camera!! Mom got it charged up and let me play with it today - only three months late, right? See it there on my collar?

We discovered that I spend more time than I'd thought looking out the window...

And watching mom wander around...

Not to mention that sometimes I'm so fast, the pictures are just a blur...

Sometimes I'm fascinated by a random tree...

Or corner of the ceiling...

Then, of course, there is how intently I watch papa get ready for work. :: sigh ::

Despite papa having to leave this afternoon (after meticulously straightening his socks and pants), it was a fun day! Lots of outside time and sitting on the hill with mom.

We'll see what tomorrow brings! I believe the weatherman said rain. Boo!! Mom said it'll only be for one day and it will help flowers bloom. I guess I'll allow one day of rain.




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