Thursday, March 11, 2010

The One with the Week

Greetings! I have missed you!! It's been a busy week. The two-leggers had an impromptu trip to New Jersey to visit papa's mom in the hospital. My good friends Stacey and Lisa came to care for us. We're so lucky to have them!!

At press-time, Arlette is still in the hospital. We're praying for her!

Upon returning from NJ, mom scooted off to the office long before sunrise in the morning and papa started work on the next yard project. Pictures will soon be posted. Mom says her schedule should calm down a bit now so I will get more computer time! Starting tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the days have been filled mostly with this...

The nerve of this fellow! Bringing his winter snacks ALL the way up to the deck to eat them in front of us. Did he offer me a taste? NO. Mom says he's slow runner so she always gives him time to get out of the yard before we're let out to play. I bet he's slow! All he does all day is eat chestnuts. His only exercise seems to be climbing up the steps to taunt me.




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