Saturday, March 6, 2010

The One with Stella's Question

"Wally, is it SPRING yet?!"

"Dunno, I'll check....
Still chilly on my bill."
"Hmm.. no young sprouts of grass."
"No, Stella, it's not SPRING yet!"

Wally's right: not YET but it's getting close!
We have new babies in the pond...

See how tiny the one at the bottom of the photo is?
We have lots that size!

And bunches of daffodils are pushing up all over!!

I think this is mom's favorite sight!

Another sign of spring? We had our bi-annual trip to Dr. Mitchell's office.

I wasn't due for anything but came home with steroids. You thought I ran fast before? Now I'll be juiced up and you won't even see me pass you!!! I'll be so---- wait--- mom just told me that's not what they're for - something about my ears and, likely, allergies.


Cali will be drugged up too. Antibiotics and ointment are on the menu for her. She has a couple of nasty bacterial friends free-loading so we have to evict them. Not to mention she has TWO grooming sessions to go through before March 15 when she goes in for her dental cleaning. She'll be a busy girl! The best news is that she slimmed down 13 pounds! She is now in the "excellent" weight category. She hasn't been there since... well, before my time for sure! It's important for all of us to be within our healthy weight range but especially important for Miss Cali. Not carrying around that extra weight will improve both of her health issues: arthritis (not so much weight on those aching joints) and asthma (less fat around her lungs and organs). That was the best news!

Phoenix skated by with a routine exam and some vaccinations. Though it was probably the worst for her because she got carsick going there AND coming home. Poor baby. Her picture says it all... "Ughhh...."

Now that the March visit is behind us, we KNOW spring is on the way. We have to be healthy for all the trips papa has planned for us! And to enjoy the beautiful weather we ordered.




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