Saturday, March 13, 2010

The One with the River

We have a river system going through the park!!

With all of this rain after the snow meltoff, there's even a river in the pasture - can't say I've ever seen that before! We played with the ducks a bit but, despite being WATERfowl, they're not too keen on being wet for very long so they retired to their house. That's about when mom said it was time for us to go inside too. Something about looking like muddy beasts!

We were "treated" to sponge baths and foot soaks when we got inside. Yuck! Since our fun in the rain, we've pretty much been killing time waiting for papa to come home.

I took a turn keeping papa's chair warm.
(Papa, I was COMPLETELY dry by this time. Honest!)

And Cali... well Cali wasn't dry but took a snooze in mom's spot when she wasn't looking. You can tell by the shocked look she has that she wasn't expecting to get caught cozy on the couch while she was still damp from the rain!

And since I know I'll get questions... yes, she does sleep like this! Well, not with her eye locked like a laser on the camera. She loves to sleep on her back with her legs stretch stiffly out as far as they'll go! It's hard to tell from this picture but that top front leg is suspended in the air. Mom said she's slept like this since she was a puppy. Aunt Katie says she's indecent! (I cleaned that up for my sensitive readers.)

Phoenix refused to be photographed. Mom didn't take out her raincoat today since it was only drizzling when we were outside and she's still peeved about that. I'm sure tonight if the rain keeps up, the jacket will come out! Here's an old picture for now. I'm hoping the rain stops before tomorrow. Papa said we could go all for a long walk by the ACTUAL river tomorrow if the weather holds up. Paws crossed!




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