Sunday, March 14, 2010

The One with More of the Same

Not much to report today. I'm sad to say that the two-leggers deemed it too rainy and damp to walk along the river. Mom said it is so high in spots there might not even be pathways for us right now! There's water running every which way!

The good news is all of this rain is bringing the spring flowers!!

Here at the park it's more of the same. We got to splash around in the puddles for awhile today but mostly...

At times, I have to walk away..

... because he gets indecent!

Tomorrow papa will be home with us, which I'm looking forward to, but Cali will be leaving with mom to spend the day with Dr. Mitchell, which I'm not looking forward to. I will do my best not to whine when they leave but mom suspects I'll "scream like a monkey." Luckily, as the author of this blog, you'll never know because I won't admit to such displays. I will admit that we'll be anxious for Cali to get home with her freshly cleaned, pearly white teeth and thinned out coat! This is good timing because the asthma forecast tomorrow is pretty good.




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