Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The One with All the Bees

Today started off rather benign. Papa left for work very early and mom was chained to her work laptop for many hours. Cali took up her usual post - crammed under the TV table mom uses for her computer when she works in the living room.

There was plenty of room on the floor and many beds and couches available but Cali loves these tight spots! When mom is in the house - day or night - you'll notice she has no leg room. I think she secretly loves it, even when she grumbles about her stiff limbs! When she looked up from her work and realized the sun was out in the afternoon, we got to go for a leisurely walk in the park.

The plum tree is always the first to fully bloom.

This time of year there's always an interesting buzzing sound as we zoom by on the way to the grass. That means...

Yep. Bees. And I mean LOTS of BEES. This guy above times at least 100! Like Dr. Aunt Katie, Phoenix hightails it back inside when she hears that telltale "bzzzz."

"No way. There are BEES out there!"
Cali tried, without luck, to coax her out with a playful look and a brave stance under the bee-- under the plum tree.

She could not be swayed by the pretty sights and sweet smells either!

Mom eventually convinced her that the bees would stay in the tree and she could zip by to other flowering trees. Flowering trees without bees!




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