Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The One with the Worry

It's Tuesday. Papa is away and mom had to make the long journey to work.

I tried to be brave. My friend Scruffy even came up on the deck to console me through the sliding glass door as mom was getting ready.

I tried denial. Perhaps I was mistaken and she was not going to work. The sun was already up after all.

But soon I saw her work shoes come out and then her work jacket and WORSE... her work bag. I knew she was leaving us for the day. Would she remember how to get home? What would we do all day here without her?

Cali and Phoenix were nonplussed.

I was a mess. I cried my eyes out. Perhaps I wailed a bit louder than necessary for so early in the morning.

Alas, she said a quick goodbye, despite my best, "Why are you deserting me?!" face.

I crept back to the couch as I heard her pull out of the driveway and dozed off for a bit. I woke to Cali and Phoenix pulling toys out of the bin and was soon wrapped up in game of tug. Then more napping and some looking out the window for my nemesis, who seems to be hibernating. Then, before I knew it, mom was pulling back in the driveway.

I so easily forget how we do just fine when we're alone. I'll be a brave girl next week. After the nice long spring break next month? Well, I'm not making any promises just yet.


  1. It's scary being left alone, one day they just might not come back!

  2. It is scary! They promise they will always come back but I still worry! I see you've had snow too!



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