Saturday, February 13, 2010

The One with the Lover's Leap

Today was boring. There is no sugar coating it. Papa went to work and mom worked literally the entire day trying to catch up from all of these wonderful snow days! It's the busy season for her and, if yesterday was any indication, that's an understatement! We pups kept her company and thought about mom's dad, who is also working LONG hours lately.

I bet he longs for the days when he and mom would watch reruns of Ellery Queen - the 1975 version starring Jim Hutton as Ellery Queen and David Wayne as his Inspector father - and try to guess the endings without worrying about pesky work piling up! By the way, it's JUST dawning on mom now why he was so very good at guessing the endings. Now he's brilliant, we're all in agreement on that, but... these WERE reruns. He likely saw them a few times and mom was seeing them for the first time. Michael? She'd like to go back and adjust the score card considering this handicap.

I found the catchy, 44 second opening to the show on YouTube.

It's not the full opening, I'm told. Before this opening, it would have the announcer saying something like:

"In a few minutes this man will be dead.
Who killed him?
Was it the jealous wife?
The nosy housekeeper?
The conniving business partner?

Match wits with Ellery Queen and
see if you can figure out Who did it."

I caught a couple of episodes online to pass the time. I love how Mr. Queen talks to me!! Here are three scenes from the Ellery Queen episode: Lover's Leap. The scenes are Simon Brimmer finding out about the murder... You can find lots of these on YouTube. (You can find anything on YouTube - except the full opening, that is.)




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