Monday, February 8, 2010

The One with the Blizzard

What a weekend!! 30" of snow... shoveling... plowing... playing... a power outage... sleeping in the bedroom by the pellet stove... shoveling... plowing... playing... Super Bowl party in the dark... it was an adventure!

Click here to see some pictures from the weekend.

The two-leggers on the news this morning were talking about the massive cleanup in progress AND anticipating the next storm: tomorrow into Wednesday. Another 6-12" of snow is expected. The good news is both mom and papa have been home safe and sound and the tractor, generator and pellet stove were all working properly... mostly. They're going to try to venture out in the Explorer to restock our gas supply and pick up a few essentials in case the next storm also cuts the power. I wrote up a list!




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