Friday, February 26, 2010

The One with the Raspberry

My long time followers may remember from last year that late winter is pretty dull around here. No camping. No outside chores. No hikes. No green grass or trees to be seen. Between mom's busy season at work and papa's pre-Spring planning, it's quite monotonous.

A few days ago I read an interesting tidbit on the decline of Winter's fanbase. Check it out!

Even I, the Amazing Zona, hit a slump in the late winter. I blame it on my limited computer time in February and March with mom's work schedule but, to be honest, there's not much going on these days!

However, papa got off work early today. Since the sun was out and the wind died down by the late afternoon, we all got some outside playtime. Occasionally, Cali likes to wait just off the deck to catch treats the two-leggers toss to her.

Missed it!
"Umm... is she blowing a raspberry at me?!"
"She IS!!"




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