Friday, February 12, 2010

The One After the Round that Wasn't

First, thank you all for your prayers. MáMá is still in the hospital but is showing great signs of improvement. She sounds like MáMá again!!! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Second, remember Round Two? It didn't happen!! The city got hammered but we were spared. About 4-6" fell but it's hard to get an accurate measurement because of the drifting. It was WINDY! Happily, though we were prepared, power stayed on this time. Normally 4-6" and blizzard conditions would cripple us but after the weekend storm, that was no big deal! The roads are down to pavement around here.

Just because we didn't get another couple of feet of snow, we still had fun out there! Mom and papa jumped off a mountain of snow by the driveway - mom tried to refuse but papa insisted it was fun - turns out she loved it and did it a few more times! Papa made a snow angel.

I walked through it... oops! And then we played and played!! I have a few videos but they're giving me trouble posting today. So here are some stills.

Mom loves her Nikon camera for many reasons but one of those reasons is the speed at which it can take consecutive pictures. And not just for those famous running shots. She loves snapping tons of pictures of us doing various things and then studying our body language in the photos later. Don't ask me why, I don't get it! She has book after book on canine body language on the bookshelf but I guess that's not enough. We humor her though. Let me show you what I mean:


Kind of boring but mom said at least one of my dog trainer followers would enjoy them so... plus, I look so FAST!

"Ummm.... Guys?? .... A little help?"
The Rescue TeamPlaytime Resumes
Kneading the snow.Snacking on yet more snow.Some poker with friends.
"Time to go inside!"
"Wait. What?!"

Eating snow is exhausting!




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