Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The One with the Trick

Mom has been griping that there's not much going on with this frigid weather. She wonders how I manage to scrounge up blog ideas! So I promptly sent papa on a photo trip but he said those pictures won't be ready for me until tomorrow's post. That left me to come up with another blog post idea to really show mom that I'm creative.

After dinner tonight, I thought of the BEST trick ever. I, Zona-- correction... I, Zona the Magnificent, can walk on ::wait for it:: water!! Mom was not pleased. In fact, she told me I cannot walk on water, I can walk on ice and it's not allowed. Is ice not just frozen water?

Let me break it down for you. Mom was bringing straw to Wally and Stella and was soon distracted by Cali and her tunnel (more later). So I took a mosey around the pond, sniffing here and there. Mom looked up and, upon noticing me standing in the middle of the pond, let out a half shocked-laugh and half horrified-whisper of my name. I glanced up fully expecting her to be thrilled with my new trick. She could see it in my face, I was so pleased with myself. Who knew I could walk on water?!

Ice - semantics.

That half laugh immediately joined forces with the horror and she gave me a firm, "OFF." (In hindsight, is "off" really the command for this? Maybe "out?" Or "over?") Regardless, mom rarely has to talk firmly to me so I jumped at her tone and promptly heard a distinct crack. (By the way, I still say that was definitely water under my paws!) Startled, I got the hint and obediently began to move to "shore" safely.

I wasn't sure why mom was suddenly on an adrenaline high so she explained that, frankly, she didn't want to jump into the frozen pond, in 30° weather to save me. When Phoenix and I were back inside, mom grabbed the camera and went out to take pictures of the hole I made. That's when she noticed how much of the pond I covered before she noticed me... oops.

Click on picture(s) to enlarge if font is too small.

See?! That's water under that snow cover...




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