Monday, January 11, 2010

The One with the Slow Weekend

What a slow weekend we had! Thursday night brought more snow...

Click play arrow to view video.

And the forecast for the weekend was below freezing!

Saturday papa wasn't feeling too well so we took turns playing nurse and watching over him.

The two-leggers did manage to get some Wii playing in and had some yummy snacks. That's always a nice treat for us pups too!

Papa had to work Sunday, cold or no cold, and mom was busy on her work computer most of the day. :: yawn :: Today brought another Monday and a dark ride to work for mom. I noticed the moon when I turned the motion light on for her and she took a picture for me from the road. It didn't turn out too well but on this slow, boring day it's all I have to post! Even my nemesis didn't provide blog fodder!




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