Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The One Where It's Still Cold

Well, readers, it's still cold here. They say today is the day we'll finally get out of the 30s. This means that my intriguing ice sculpture might not make it through the day. Mom and I have been disagreeing over whether or not to post this picture:

Or even this one from another angle:

She said it's not a good picture and the sand and twigs on the ground remind her a of certain episode of How I Met Your Mother when Ted was designing a controversial building. She refused to elaborate. However, this is my blog and so I'm posting it. For prosperity. It might be gone later today!! There are a few theories: mom thinks the melting of the snow on the hot tub ran down the center seam on the cover and dripped into this formation. Ha! Cali and I think-- well, let's just say we think Scruffy had something to do with it. And Phoenix... well Phoenix won't go outside long enough to study it.

Obviously it's a slow newsday here. We pretty much hibernate when it's this blustery. However, note the countdown clock at the top! Things are soon going to heat up!




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