Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One Where it Hails

Papa left for far-away lands late Sunday. That night we had a terrible wind and rain storm! We woke up on Monday to find furniture tumbled over, a greenhouse panel down, a shed door blown open, a board blown off the shed, a board blown off the duck pen snow apparatus... AND several LAKES in the yard! It was a squishy mess out there. I loved it!


Then we had to go inside so mom could work and the rain started again. Boo! THEN the hail started. Now that was interesting!

Wally and Stella didn't seem to mind! They sat out in it without a care in the world! (The camera kept focusing on the BBQ through the glass door so look past it to those blurry white specks in the duck enclosure.)

Mom was getting bundled up to go shuttle them into their house for some protection when suddenly the hail stopped and the skies started to clear! It turned into a beautiful afternoon! All of the rain made the pond a bit murky but even the fish came out of their winter hiding places to enjoy the afternoon. It's hard to see here but mom spotted some babies!

As the sun came out, the boys retreated to their house. Isn't that silly? We coaxed them back out to enjoy the day and mom did some housekeeping while they were playing. This was late afternoon.
All was well!

Then, not long later, at 6... we went out for a post-dinner walk and Stella was a mess! Scrape over his eye, irritated bill... poor dear.

Mom emailed Dr. Lisa and Dr. Stacey. Both experts gave Stella a brief exam this morning and reported their findings to mom. Thank goodness for the two of them! Stacey administered an anti-bacterial solution and Stella looked MUCH improved by the time mom got home tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

I know one thing tomorrow will bring - the best thing! Papa will return home from Dubai!! I bet he has some great pictures for me to share with you. Mom said he'll get home in the morning but we have to be good, quiet pups while he sleeps until the afternoon. He will have been awake for 30+ hours!! I'm off to make sure his pillows are fluffed... and I'll find some earplugs too. JUST in case we get a little rowdy....




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