Saturday, January 2, 2010

The One After OBX

We have returned!! What a great trip we had! Papa believes that what you do for New Year's sets the tone for the upcoming year. So we packed up the Argosy and headed for the beach! It was beautiful. The weather was a little chilly but when the wind died down it was perfect. The best part? The beach was practically deserted so we were off leash and having a blast!

Click here to check out our pictures!

Now we're back to the routine. Papa is at work and mom is unloading the Airstream and straightening up. Tomorrow and Monday we take down Christmas and prepare for the week. And Tuesday.... I don't even want to think about Tuesday. For now, we're staying warm inside and getting reacquainted with our holiday toys, since the wind gusts outside are enough to tip Phoenix over!




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