Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One After Dubai

Papa is home at last!! We sure missed him! He was gone for three whole nights - staying in a suite as big as our main floor!! Here at home, I slept on the bed with mom and Phoenix the second night but my bed is cozier. I love my down blanket and snuggly mattress! Speaking of blankets and beds, papa was exhausted when he got home and slept most of the day. He was up for over 30 hours. Yikes! He did share some photos from his trip to Dubai and a video! Who knew you could ski in the desert?!

Click play arrow to view video.

Sitting area in hotel lobby

Getting ready to ski

At Ski Dubai

Tallest building in the world

Second tallest building in the world

Click here for more photos of the whirlwind trip!




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