Saturday, December 5, 2009

The One with the Snow

As predicted, today brought the first snow storm of the season! I heard we got about 6" when it was all said and done! We had a great time. Both two-leggers were home, which made for a wonderful snow day.

The two-leggers took a walk this morning to Mr. Cupp's Tree Farm down the road to pick out our Christmas tree. Whenever it snows on the day we get our tree, they walk down with the sled and bring it back on foot! Isn't that cool?

Click to play arrow to view video.

We got lots of playtime in today too!

Click play arrow to view clips of some of our playtimes!

The snow was beautiful!

Click here for more pictures of our day.

The two-leggers are working on getting the house decorated so stay tuned - tomorrow's post is sure to be exciting!




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