Friday, December 18, 2009

The One with the Nor'Easter

Do you see that?! 12-20" of snow coming our way!! Mom was already going to be home with us, of course, but I just got the word that papa will be here too! Snow AND papa? Should be a great post tomorrow! It started to fall about a half hour ago and the two-leggers say there will be a few inches by the time we wake up in the morning.

Wally and Stella are snug, toasty warm, in their bed for the snowy night and a tarp is rigged up to keep the snow out of their enclosure so they can easily move about when it's time for us pups to play! They love watching us run!

Speaking of the fun times to come, Phoenix is concerned about how she will maneuver through nearly two feet of snow, considering she has a measly 5" clearance!

Her primary concern today was if the pellet stove is working properly.

Seems to be working..."Don't turn this off, okay?"




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