Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The One with the Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Here we are, 9 days away from Christmas! Speaking of the big day, I wondered who you have to know to be able to work one day per year? I'd love to get my papa a job like that! I digress, I wanted to send you a note a little early this year BEFORE you make out your final list.

There are some things I would like to clarify.

There has been a great misunderstanding over the perfume. This "stink" is not a stink but a gracious way to welcome papa home from long trips. I ask you, how is my desire to welcome my wonderful papa home "bad?" Not to mention, it's a helpful reminder to mom that we are due for baths, since she for unknown reasons does not enjoy the fragrance.

In addition, there has been some chatter about my true intentions with regard to my nemesis. I would like to reiterate that my interest in said squirrel is simply for research purposes.

As for this... Phoenix did it.

So, as you can see, my minor and limited transgressions are simply misconstrued! I hope you'll take this under consideration as you pack your sleigh in a few days. I am sure my readers would send reference letters, should you need further convincing. I have been a good girl - I post public service announcements and prayer requests, I take my two-leggers on long walks, I babysit my sisters... I can go on but I know you're busy.

In fact to make your stop our house easier next week, let me show you our stockings.

If you're too busy, you can fill this one and skip the others, I'll share.

Some presents have already been arriving...

So you can just pile any gifts that don't fit in my stocking on the couch. I'd like a 17' Bambi.... that might not fit on the couch so you can just leave that outside. Also, may I please have a barn so I can adopt some new friends? You better leave that outside too. (Mom does not like having straw on the carpet for some reason.) Some new puzzle games and yummy treats would also be appreciated!

I anxiously await your arrival...





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