Saturday, December 12, 2009

The One with Hokey and Pokey

As I write this post, I see a weather advisory for tomorrow has been announced. I wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us!

Luckily for the two-leggers, today was beautiful! The morning was cold - low 20s - but the sun was shining and the roads were dry. They left early to head south to help with a rescue transport for two Catahoula puppies.

Mom was grateful that papa was able to accompany her on the trip for many reasons but mostly because the puppies, Hokey and Pokey, were scared and moving them from the first driver's car was not as easy as they'd hoped. Having extra hands and eyes was helpful! Once they were safely moved into mom and papa's truck, they huddled together in the far corner, wedged in to the tiniest space in the truck! Look at these cuties...

They got slightly more comfortable as the ride progressed. Though still nervous, Hokey was pleased to be able to use Pokey as an ottoman for most of the trip. Look at Pokey's multicolored eyes!

Poor Pokey - wondering what in the world is going on with all of these different people and cars. Papa had to carry him because he was too frozen in place to walk. Sure is reminiscent of my rescue a few years ago.

After about 90 minutes on the road with mom and papa, they were transferred into the safe hands of Frankie. The brothers cuddled up to each other once again for the next leg of their journey.

They'll soon arrive at their foster home and will be such happy boys! They were not the least bit aggressive, just shy and unsure what was going on - how strange to be transferred from car to car! As I mentioned on my homecoming anniversary this summer, I can certainly relate to being shy and frozen in fear. I wish I was there so I could have helped mom tell them how great life will be for them now that they'll be with two-leggers who love them! Anyone with a shy or fearful pup should check out this wonderfully helpful website.

Meanwhile, Cali and I are resting next to the tree wishing all puppies could be as loved as the three of us are!




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