Sunday, December 6, 2009

The One Where the Tree Returns

As you know, two-leggers do some confusing things. This is my fifth Christmas - can you believe it?! - and I'm still not too sure why a tree moves in each year for a few weeks. Regardless, it does smell like the holidays in here and mom and papa certainly love gazing at it now that it's all dressed up. They put it on the platform again this year. It sure helped Ginger last year but an unexpected benefit was that the ornaments were protected from our wrestling matches and wagging tails! So it's elevated again this year in anticipation of what mom calls our rowdiness!

For research purposes, I put together a time-lapsed video of the process.

Please disregard mom's angry look at the camera, she wasn't angry but she sure looks it! Also note: my practice nemesis is in the center of all the action!

Click the play arrow to view the video.

Let the countdown to Santa begin!

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