Sunday, December 13, 2009

The One Where the Sun Comes Out

Historically, I only post about mom's unusual transports. And this time I got so many "how are they doing" questions that I thought I should post a follow up! I have the best readers - they care about dogs they've never even met!

Hokey and Pokey (now Butch (Cassidy) and (Sundance) Kid) are settling in to their foster home. Though last night was hard, this morning was very encouraging. They love their foster mom's dogs, as we suspected, and this seems to be the way to their hearts! See how happy they look?

I just know they'll have wonderfully happy lives!

Speaking of happy lives, at the park, the sun has returned!

Watching Puppy Cali run here and there enjoying the sun.

The boys weren't too sure about coming out this afternoon. I think they've had enough of the wet weather! They haven't even been swimming! Look at these dirty faces through the vent on their house.

Finally, Wally took mom's word for it and decided to step out to make sure it had indeed stopped raining.

Phoenix was fascinated by the chunks of ice mom pushed out of the duck pond this morning! That pup loves ice!

We have a big day tomorrow - papa comes home!!! Better go rest up and check to be sure the hiding places are clear for our game. This is Miss Cali - tired from the long day but at the mention of going back outside - wide awake!! Silly Cali...




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