Saturday, December 26, 2009

The One Where My Nemesis Calls a Truce

What a full two days we've had! Company arrived, a feast was had, gifts were opened... all very exciting! The most surprising thing happened on Christmas Eve. Intriguing even! Papa went to the mailbox after the sun went down to see if my pizza order from Arizona had arrived yet. It had not. However, I was surprised by this special delivery package waiting for me there.

Christmas wishes and a thank you from the very nemesis who torments me through the glass door? What a good example he sets for the rest of us! He even shared his stash of winter treats with me! Don't let the tiny footprints and kind nature fool you though; he is a full sized squirrel, who loves to tease me during beautiful spring days!

I hope not only my nemesis but all my readers had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did! Click here to see some pictures from our holiday.

And all of us pups send a great big thank you to Arizona for all of our gifts! We especially love the hand-me-downs and the big giraffe!

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