Friday, November 13, 2009

The One with a Pig in a Blanket

The last couple of days have been slow around the park. Papa went hunting with Mr. C-C-L yesterday very early in the morning. Mom left soon after so we took a snooze until breakfast. Cali and I were naughty when Stacey came to play with us. Yep - the perfume. Two-leggers will never understand our need to smell nice. Quite frankly, they are appalled!

Well, it took mom an almost record breaking 2 hours and 50 minutes to get home that night so papa arrived first and gave us baths. Phoenix was spared. With all of this rain, she's been spending most of the days snuggled in blankets.

Today brought another trip to the woods for papa and Mr. C-C-L. Working from home, mom got a message around 11 that they made their way to a Mexican restaurant and were calling it a day - too rainy! This is very reminiscent of papa's recent hunting trips with Rodger.

My nemesis sure has been living it up, as he knows we're trapped inside due to the weather. He's playing in the plum tree - SO close, yet so far. And taunting me. The rain will stop eventually, "Super Squirrel." I'll be rested. Will you?




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