Friday, November 6, 2009

The One with the Photos

Brr... sure is chilly today! I'm surprised Little Diva didn't boycott going outside until mom dug out one of her tiny jackets. At least the wind from last night has subsided. Papa was away so I spent most of the night sleeping on the bed with mom and Phoenix. You know - to comfort them if they got scared by the wind.

When papa was heading to work yesterday afternoon, mom was heading home. They passed on the highway - papa at speed and mom, sadly, was on the west-bound, traffic side doing more sitting than driving. While talking to mom, papa noticed this BRIGHT rainbow and it's lighter twin above it. He sent me this photo. I'm told it doesn't do justice to how vibrant the colors were. (Look at that wide open road on papa's side!)

The rainbow was behind mom and she took a couple pictures too but wasn't able to see as much of the rainbows.

You can make out the reflection of the main rainbow in the side mirror! (Along with traffic as far as I can see!)

Eventually, mom made it home and found that Stacey had emailed some pictures of our fun times with Tucker and Ryder, two of her dogs. Another reason she's the best sitter EVER: she brings friends to play with us!

Ryder and Tucker
Tucker seems to be saying,
"I still don't get this one.
Why is she SO small?"
Not that Phoenix cares!
Ryder has almost 100 pounds on her and
she still gets in on the chase-time -
maybe a little uneasy but still in the action!




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