Sunday, November 1, 2009

The One with the Moo Point

As you know, mom's favorite show of all time is Friends. Bonus points to those who can name the episode with the "Moo Point!"

I was reminded of this episode yesterday by all of the LOUD mooing coming from our neighbors to the north.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Click on play arrow to view VERY shaky video.

After visiting these guys, we stopped to bring howl-o-ween treats (boring apples) to our neighbors to the west.

Then today a two-legged neighbor, Mr. C-C-L, came by to help papa with the bow. It's just a neighbor-filled weekend!

The rest of the day will hold some chores, errands and then promised snuggles later this evening. I can't wait! I got some cuddle time with papa in his chair this morning. Who says a 60 pound Shepherd-Hound can't be a lap dog?

Well, speaking of those chores, mom says I have to sign off now. She's making travel plans for her and papa. They're going to visit our Arizona family this winter, including the M&Ms!




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