Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The One with The Intruder

Good evening! I apologize for my absence. Mom has a different schedule this week and has been preoccupied with finishing up a big project for work. Boo! She got home tonight and celebrated its completion but then announced, "On to the next!" Grrr! I have to remind myself that she works to put food in our bowls, cozy blankets on our beds and yummy bones in our treat jar. In perspective, I guess it's okay. Get to work mom!!

Phoenix was a little upset by the two-leggers' schedule today. Look at her handiwork... her Christmas present from Mesa and Molly last year is now in two neat pieces.

Meanwhile, papa has been working too. But Sunday he was able to squeeze in some playtime between work lessons and bathroom remodeling - yes, back to the downstairs bathroom project now that it's fall!

When Neighbor Cam came over this weekend, he lent papa a 3D deer for his bow practicing. In my defense, I was not aware of this invited guest. When I noticed it later that afternoon, I presumed he was an intruder, albeit a very still intruder.

Allegedly there is video of my initial reaction to the deer but I challenge you to find that. I do have a short clip, however, of Phoenix discovering the deer. The best part of this video is Cali. Her response when Phoenix starts to bark is priceless. Can she run away any faster?

Click the play arrow t
o view the video.

Despite her speedy retreat, you will not be surprised to learn that Cali made friends with 3D Deer.

Papa let us sniff it and reassured us that this creature was nothing to be afraid of but I'm still a little unsure.

Tonight we're cuddling while mom does a few chores now and then and papa completes a training video online. Soon they'll sit down for dinner and I'm hoping for some tasty treats! I'll keep you posted!

A blurry shot of the moon rising over the Blue Ridge.




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