Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The One with the Camera

As I mentioned, mom has a new camera. This device haunts me at every turn! I have to say, I think she's getting carried away with the features. Do we really need to see each step of Phoenix's journey from her potty-spot in the trees back to mom's side?

Let me give you an example. By the way, if you scroll fast enough, it looks like she's running right at you!

A white speck doing her business in the tree line.
"All done! Here I come mom!"
"Hang on! I'm coming!""Almost there!"
"Still running!""Don't give up! I'm on my way."
"Whew... here I come!""The wind in my ears... my paws eating up the grass!"
"Here I am!!""Wow, did you see how far I ran? Is it time for a nap?"
See? Is that necessary? And I didn't even post all of the photos in that series! Can you imagine?? It IS cool that the camera can take so many photos per second but it still can't get too many shots of me running... and I wasn't even running at full speed!

Cali and the ducks weren't as exciting today.

Even with the pseudo-paparazzi, the day was fun! We got lots of running in and papa got home before the sun went down for the night! And he's off tomorrow for Turkey Day! What could be better?




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