Sunday, November 8, 2009

The One with the Butt

It's been a long time since an actual Friends title fit my post but this one does!! The day started normally enough: wake up, let the ducks out, have some breakfast... then mom had to go to work. Yes, on Sunday. She had a meeting and papa drove in with her to keep her company during the commute.

After the meeting ended, she and papa headed to DC for a trip to the zoo. In January, a baby gorilla was born and she is so tiny! Her mom was playing with her and seemed to be blowing raspberries on her belly. The two-leggers said it was very cute! They weren't able to get a good video of it or any pictures but they have some online here! A few weeks ago mom read an article from LiveScience about the similarity between monkey and human moms. The way momma gorilla tossed the baby in the air and cuddled her sure sounded reminiscent of human interactions - and very sweet!

Click on play arrow to view video.

Hiding Zebra

Click on photo to enlarge.
Prairie DogBald Eagles
Soon closing time seemed to be near, which will bring me to the title of my post....

Wolf retreated to his den.

Alpacas lined up for dinner.
Tiger circled near the door.
And the gorilla... well...
he clearly had his fill
of guests for the day.
Seemed like the two-leggers had a good afternoon, despite the short days this time of the year!

National Cathedral




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