Monday, October 5, 2009

The One with Wally and Stella

Wally and Stella

As you may recall, I have been hearing rumblings about Duck Dogs so I sent Cali on a recognizance mission. She came back with a report and some photos to back up her findings.

Our wonderful neighbor, Lisa (aka: Crazy Cat and Critter Lady), received a call about a young Pekin duck who was living in a dog kennel with two dogs. The owner decided this was not a good situation and was looking for someone to adopt this duck, who thinks she is a dog. Lisa put her rescue hat on and picked up this sweet Duck Dog.

Who else but my crazy dog family would jump at the chance to take in this creature! While papa was planning the habitat, a funny thing happened! Lisa learned of ANOTHER Duck Dog and, although he was coming from a sad situation, this was perfect for us and our newly adopted ducks! Ducks are very social and love to be with others, a lot like us dogs! Soon the two ducks were together and so happy to start learning how to be ducks and not dogs together.

This is not to say that they didn't miss being around their dogs. Cali met them both and they were so sweet with her. So pleased to see her they gently groomed her and stayed close to her side. Conversely, Cali was rather disinterested.

Wally Studies Cali

Cali and Stella admiring the sunset.

I imagine Phoenix will have a different reaction. Luckily, they'll be moving in to a very secure habitat.

The structure, complete with duck pond and house, will be predator proof and will give the ducks and Phoenix time to adjust to each other. Mom's already thinking Cali will be happy to visit them in the enclosure. I'm not too sure what my initial reaction will be to Wally and Stella but we'll find out soon! Papa is finishing up the habitat this week and we hope to bring them home in the next few days.




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