Thursday, October 15, 2009

The One with the Snow Plows

Today was a wash out! It rained ALL day. Papa was home all morning and mom was back in the early afternoon so we only had a couple of hours on our own. We played a little poker since we haven't brought out the cards in awhile and then feigned naps when mom came home.

During her drive, she snapped this picture for me of her rear view mirror. She passed not one, not two, but THREE snow plow trucks heading out of the city toward our neck of the woods. Winter is on the way, I guess!

We took a few walks in the rain, often to check on Wally and Stella. They're getting more comfortable with the two-leggers! Stella was practically eating the food as mom filled the dish! And she took a number of swims in the pond - finally! I guess she figured she was already wet from the rain, might as well enjoy it!

After the ducks went to bed for the night, which seems to be getting easier and easier, we settled in and watched a couple of prerecorded shows and snuggled with mom. Papa's still at work. He said something about pretzels when he gets home so I'm anxious for his return!

Meanwhile, Phoenix and Cali are sharing one of the special rawhide bones.

Tomorrow will be a bitter-sweet day. The Crazy Cat Lady will be traveling to Michigan with Paddy the Beaver. After being raised by Mrs. CCL in the ritziest of abodes, Paddy will be moving to a center there to live a long, happy life with her future boyfriend, Wapi. I've never met her but Cali has!

Prayers that Paddy takes quickly to her new home and falls in love at first sight with Wapi are requested.

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